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ChronoWake is the world's first product to utilize scientifically and medically valid means to determine sleep stage unobtrusively in order to wake its users at an ideal time. ChronoWake makes use of advanced physiological metrics, primarily electroencephalography (EEG), electrooculography (EOG), and electromyography (EMG). A modified multidimensional fast Fourier transform is performed, which is designed to identify and analyze characteristic circadian sleep artifacts. Such artifacts include relative proportions of theta and delta waves, high-frequency/low-amplitude sleep spindles followed by low-frequency/high-amplitude K-complexes (depicted below), vertex sharp transients, and several other distinguishing features.

Sample Waveforms

The specific algorithm upon which we are building is the Fractional Fourier Transform, introduced by Bultheel et al. (Read the full published paper.) To minimize signal noise, we are using a matching pursuit algorithm to decompose the bioelectric signals over a four-parameter wave packet with a Gaussian envelope. Sample filtering utilizing this paradigm in the frequency domain is illustrated in the below animation.

FrFT Chirp

The final output is a high-accuracy, quantum-leveled sleep state, used to determine the ideal time at which to wake the user. These algorithms are being developed and implemented entirely in-house by the ChronoWake Team and will be patented prior to market release.

In the future, as it becomes more economically feasible, we plan on integrating wireless nanoscale technology for efficient bioelectric signal transmission. Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, wrote a detailed overview of such technology.

Because the intellectual property behind ChronoWake has not yet been fully secured, specific information on ChronoWake's technology will not be made publicly available at this time. This includes details of the design, algorithms, and all other protectable entities. However, detailed information for potential investors can be obtained by contacting us to request a nondisclosure agreement, which must be completed and signed, then sent back to us. Team members can access this proprietary information directly via ChronoWake Docs.

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